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123 Flash Chat v.6.4.0

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This is a Full-featured, high-performance 123FlashChat can fully integrate database of Postnuke, phpbb, phpnuke, vbulletin, Invision board, etc. It has customizable interface. Video chat newly added. Moderated chat, AD banner& low port supported. It offers easy installation on all major OS. It's a fast, easy, affordable real-time chat. It's perfect to chat events, collaborative work sessions, online meetings, dating sites and customer live support as well.

Performance: rock-solid stability and high load support
With a multi-threaded chat engine, 123 Flash Chat server software can support hundreds of chat rooms and thousands of chat users without any degradation in response time.

Fast loading and chat speed 123 Flash Chat client is made of 100% pure FLASH, and the server is powerful JAVA, which provides much faster loading speed than the regular java applet chat client and ensures the real-time communication.

User-friendly 123 Flash Chat is easy to install for website owners, and easy to use for website visitors as well.

Full integration with external databases The popular CMS or forum like: Joomla! PHP-Nuke, Post-Nuke, Asp-Nuke, phpBB, vBulletin, etc. can be seamlessly integrated with 123 Flash Chat to authorize the user accounts dynamically and avoid double registration. Details.

Auto-login Beyond integration, 123 Flash Chat entitles the users to automatically login to the chatroom without entering their username and password again, once they've logged in your website already.

Firewall penetration 123 Flash Chat can be used behind a firewall providing the specific port is opened.

Secure communication 123 Flash Chat itself utilizes multiple mechanism to prevent hackings.

Encrypt Message Module Messages between the chat server and chat client will be protected by a private key and public key pair using RSA algorithm. Details.

Multilingual and language auto-detecting. The interface language of the user's operation system can be detected by 123 Flash Chat and the right language can be assigned to the user accordingly. Multiple translation editions are available.

Advertising supported Chat room owners can make revenue out of 123 Flash Chat by inserting adv banner below the chat panel, or automated text advertising into the chat conversation.

Cross-platform Flash client is cross-platforms (Windows NT/2000/XP, Linux, Unix, Mac, etc.)and fully compatible with all kinds of browsers.

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