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Free Download Punk Goes Pop Volume 4 Album Mp3

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  1. Allstar Weekend – Yeah 3X (Chris Brown cover)
  2. A Skylit Drive – Love The Way You Lie (Eminem + Rihanna cover)
  3. Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! – We R Who We R (Ke$ha cover)
  4. For All Those Sleeping – You Belong With Me (Taylor Swift cover)
  5. Go Radio – Rolling in the deep (Adele cover)
  6. I See Stars – Til The World Ends ( Britney Spears cover)
  7. Pierce The Veil – Just The Way You Are (Bruno Mars cover)
  8. Silverstein – Runaway (Kanye West cover)
  9. Sleeping with Sirens – Fuck You (Cee Lo Green cover)
  10. The Downtown Fiction – Super Bass (Nicki Minaj cover)
  11. The Ready Set – Roll Up (Wiz Khalifa cover)
  12. Tonight Alive – Little Lion Man (Mumford and Sons cover)
  13. Woe, Is Me – Last Friday Night (Katy Perry cover)


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